Credit Consultation

A credit consultation entails a credit report evaluation, credit analysis, credit coaching, debt negotiation techniques and a credit management plan.

Credit Sweeps

Our most aggressive form of Credit Repair. Results are seen as soon as 14 days.

(Gold Sweep)

Up to 10 negative accounts

(Diamond Sweep)

10 - 15 negative accounts

(Platinum Sweep)

Unlimited accounts with 2 tradelines added to increase score

($5 - $10K with at least 2 years of age)

Standard Packages

Everything that is needed to repair your credit is included in our packages. 

(Diamond Package)

4 aggressive rounds (4 month Package)

1-3 months of Credit disputes/Consultation

Financial Management Consultation

Credit Coaching/Consultation

Option to add 2 Tradelines

Credit Report Evaluations

(Pearl Package)

$80 monthly payment

1 year of service

Monthly updates

Aggressive Dispute Rounds

Credit Report Evaluations

Dispute Inaccurate Personal Information

Debt negotiation

Credit Coaching/Consultation

A` la carte

Inquiry Removal

Collection Account

Charge Off Account






All packages require you to have an active

credit monitoring account with either

experian.com or creditchecktotal.com